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Our story and how we establishing the BAC Trail

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Teammember Simone Jakob


Teammember Tobias Jakob


Hello, we are Tobi and Simone - Team BAC Trail

We grew up in the Bavarian Forest and know the region and all the special features it offers very well. From an early age we were raised in the "Woid" and with the "Woid" and now it is a matter close to our hearts to show more people the forest and its nature, as well as its culture and to increase awareness of our nature. 

The BAC Trail was created in the summer of 2022 when Tobi had the idea of creating a gravel bike route through the Bavarian Forest and making it accessible to everyone in an event. It should go through the three countries of Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. The foundation stone for the Bavaria Austria Czech Republic Trail was laid. 

A race was out of the question for us from the beginning. It is important to us that nature is the focus and that there are no crowds of people next to the course to cheer us on. Also, the logistics of a race usually mean a lot of waste and unnecessary stress for flora and fauna. On the BAC Trail, you have time to take your time, to jump into a lake, to talk to the locals and to take a break at a place you particularly like, to enjoy the views and to learn something about the culture. 

What else do we do? The BAC Trail is pure passion for us, which we devote ourselves to in the evenings and at weekends. Simone works in a clinic and is a part-time yoga teacher.. Tobi works as an interior construction engineer and is currently studying civil engineering on the side. 

Apart from that, we are always out and about doing sports - whether on a gravel bike, snowboard, skis, skating skis, touring skis, with hiking boots, with a yoga mat or with a skateboard, surfboard - apart from work, our lives take place outdoors.