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Frequently Asked Questions

Du organisierst alles eigenständig – Verpflegung, genügend Trinkwasser, Übernachtungen. Es gibt keine Reparaturstationen und keine Servicestände auf der Strecke. Wir organisieren für dich die Route und geben dir eine Karte mit Points of Interest.

No, we are just giving you a recommendation how to split the route in the best way possible. We recommend planning 5 days. Whether you complete the route in an ambitious 3 days or a more relaxed 6 days is up to you.

That is also a matter of opinion, you can ride a gravel bike, but also a mountain bike, e-bike mtb, crosser, ... We rode a gravel bike, the route is best suited for that.  

This is also possible, but it should be an e-mountain bike. On our map you will find charging stations along the route, please check before each stage if there are enough charging stations for your riding style and battery capacity.

Route changes can occur unexpectedly and therefore the final route will only be announced 2-3 weeks before the event starts. We are dependent on forest work, construction work or heavy weather events. A "pre-route" with the most important towns and sights will be announced to the participants approx. 2 months before the start of the event so that you can prepare properly.

  • We love nature, please don't leave anything lying around and always take your rubbish with you
  • Always treat people, animals and nature with respect, always keep your distance from wild animals. 
  • Everybody has to go, please always keep a minimum distance of 10 metres from the nearest stream and bury your large leftovers (without paper).

Basically, the same rules as above also apply in the National Park, moreover: 

  • ALWAYS stay on the signposted paths
  • The core zone of the national park is absolutely taboo by bike, our route leads along the border of the core zone 
  • Do not cut/tear off/pluck plants
  • All animals and plants in the National Park are protected, so keep a low profile, especially towards the capercaillies, as the males might want to defend their territory.

There is no guarantee that you will see these animals. But we are regular visitors to the national park and we see wonderful things every time we are out there!

Roe deer, stags, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, capercaillie, birds of prey, various owl species, wild cats, foxes, badgers


Always behave calmly and respectfully, especially keeping your distance from young animals, as they are defended by their parents. The animals usually hear or smell you long before you see them, but it may still happen that an animal crosses your path.

Yes! Yourself! BIKEPACKING is written in capital letters for us 

Nein, das verlangen wir nicht und sind auch gesetzlich dazu nicht verpflichtet. Du nimmst auf eigene Gefahr an diesem Event teil. Kenne deine Grenzen und respektiere diese.

Sure! We will provide you with a list after your registration! Is this your first bikepacking trip? Just drop us a line with any question, we're always happy to help!

Ja, auf der Karte, die du bei Ankunft im Basecamp erhältst findest du Campingplätze, bitte schlafe nur da wo es erlaubt ist. Wildcampen ist nicht erlaubt! Vor allem im Nationalpark patrouillieren Ranger, welche dir ein hohes Bußgeld auferlegen können!

The region is known for its hospitality. Just ask on your way if you can camp in someone's garden or field! 

Das Basecamp ist der Start- und Zielort in Rohrhof 27 94118 Jandelsbrunn. Dort befindet sich auch der Parkplatz, falls du mit dem Auto anreist, und der Campingplatz mit Toiletten und Duschen. Für das Opening und Closing Event haben wir ein großes Zelt. Für euer Bike ist auch gesorgt, wir haben die wichtigsten Werkzeuge, damit du noch kurzfristig Reparaturen selbstständig machen kannst. Nach dem Event kannst du dein Rad auch an der Waschstation reinigen.

In the tent we have the possibility to charge smartphones or your bike computer. There is no electricity available at the campsite itself. We also have the possibility to charge e-bikes.

As a general rule, you must take your own charger with you.

Wir stellen eine BBQ-Station zur Verfügung. Dort kannst du dein selbst mitgebrachtes Grillgut zubereiten! Derzeit suchen wir noch nach Foodtrucks (gerne kannst du uns auch Tipps zukommen lassen). Für Getränke ist reichlich gesorgt und können im Zelt gekauft werden.

You want to travel to the BAC Trail in a climate-friendly way? The base camp is very remote, so it is not accessible by public transport. But since you're coming by bike anyway, there are two options for Train&Bike:
  1. Arrive at Passau main station by train and then cycle to Basecamp. You can find the best cycling route here:
  2. Travel by train to Passau main station and change to the Ilztalbahn to Waldkirchen. But this only runs on Saturdays and Sundays! The single ticket costs 13€ incl. bike. Here you can find the current timetable. From Waldkirchen you cycle the last few kilometres to the base camp.