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The Trail

Etappe 1

1st Stage

Am ersten Tag auf dem Trail radelst du die meiste Zeit entlang Flüsse und Bacherl. Es wird sich anfühlen wie ein gemütlicher Sonntagsausflug, dadurch hast du Zeit die historischen Burgen anzuschauen, typisch bayerisch Essen zu gehen und das Bayerische Lebensgefühl zu spüren. Wenn du den letzten Fluss hinter dich gebracht hast, wartet der erste Gipfel auf dich von wo aus du den Bayerischen Wald sehen kannst und bei gutem Wetter sogar bis in die Alpen – mit dem Dachstein Gletscher und dem Watzmann – sehen kannst. Zudem kannst du den Gipfel sehen, der dich an Tag 2 erwartet, wenn es heißt „Meet me at the top“ also „wir treffen uns oben“.

2nd Stage

The second day has only one goal. The summit of the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest is waiting for your lungs, your legs and your smile when you reach the top! Before you start the steady ascent to the second summit of the BAC Trail, you will have the opportunity to visit a medieval castle ruin dating back to the 12th century. As you gain altitude, you may be lucky enough to see one or two strictly protected and rare capercaillies. In the Chamer Hut you can fortify yourself before the last ascent before cycling up the last few meters. From then on, it's a steady downhill and your pudding legs can recover until you reach the day's destination.

Etappe 2
Etappe 3

3rd Stage

Leg day! Shout out to mother nature and welcome to the Bavarian Forest Nationalpark - the oldest Nationalpark in Germany. We call this day leg day as the name is programme. 102 km and 2200am. But you’ll like it! An unique landscape is waiting for you. You‘ll see some typical ancient cattle pastures which are on cleared forest parts in the middle of nowhere. So called „Schachten“.

Besonders an diesem Tag gibt es einige wichtige Dinge zu beachten, da Nationalparks sehr strenge Regeln haben. Einige wichtige Regeln findest du in den FAQ!

4th Stage

On this day you‘ll cycle across the German-Czech border into Nationalpark Šumava and it‘s wilderness. After reaching the border you can see the remainings of the Iron Curtain. A few kilometers later you‘ll reach a abandonded village - spooky but a wonderful place.

Cycling back into Germany another lost village and another summit are waiting with the last easy going altimeters before you finish the day again at the Czech border.

Take your time and relax on that day as Day 3 / Leg Day was not an easy one for everyone.

Etappe 4
Etappe 5

5th Stage

WOW! It‘s the final day on the BAC Trail and again you nearly hit 100km!
The last day has such great cycling tracks perfect to speed up. We promise you will make the first 40km in under 1 hour. Most of the altimeters have to be cycled in Austria with its beautiful Bohemian Forest region. After reaching the German border it‘s only 20 km till you cross the finish line and the point where you started 5 days ago. The BAC Trail is complete. You did it!